I'm back! well sorta.

Hey all :)

I've been rather absent recently for a number of reasons. Redundencies, work, Flat hunting, general other Blaahhh :P

But now the other half has a new job, my work is back to normal and we will be moving into our new Flat a week on friday. (I'm so excited! It's twice the size of our current place. ) I have a list of stuff I want to do thats as long as my arm and I intend to get on with it :)

I've got a load of flist to catch up on that may take a while, but I will :)

Also, I want to set up another journal for my non fanish stuff. Is there some way to link the 2 or do I have to start from scratch again?


Life Classes

Hey all,

I could moan about 101 things, but i'm not going to. Sorry I'm not about much at the mo.

The most positive thing going on at the moment is that i've found somewhere I can do some life drawring/painting. It's been a longggggg time since I had an actual human to paint. I can't wait :D

Ficlet: Kansan Beauty (Bruce/Clark)

Title: Kansan Beauty
Fandom: DC
Pairings/Characters: Bruce/ Clark
Rating: 15
Summary: Bruce watches the film 'American Beauty', it inspires his dreams.
Word count: 400
Disclaimer: Not mine, etc.
Notes: I recently asked for art prompts. In typical me style one of these art prompts give me this little ficlet idea. I am still going to translate this into a painting, but It won’t be for a while. In the mean time I had to get this out. So this is for rai_daydreamer 's prompt - Clark with sunflowers.

Collapse )

Art Prompts please!

I am in a mood to paint. Sadly I'm at work.  Anyways, I promised hitokaji I do this and I've been meaning to do it for a while.

Basically Prompt me! Anything at tall. I don't mind what. people, places, objects, it's all good. Single word to full fic, what ever :)

The only catch is that as I'm planning to do full unrushed paintings like Torn and this Kiss, I rush to much.  So don't expect the finished artical any time soon, I tend to do a max of 1 or 2 a month.

Also, I'm going to do this in order of what inspires me. lease don't be offended if thats not yours. I will try to do everything in the end.

So ermm... Prompt away!


The bunnies are invading my brain.

I've been reading alot of Iron Man/Captain America recently. This morning a plot bunny is taking over my brain. It's highly crackish, even by my standards and thats saying something.  I'm don't think I'm going to try to write it due to not knowing Steve and Tony that well. But I had to get it out my head.

The set up:

A business meeting between the head of Stark industries and Wayne Enterprises has been scedualed. At some point in the past there was a playboy 'encounter' between the 2. Their current partners (ie, Steve and Clark) are not happy about this meeting and insist on going) Cue double date time.

The date starts with Clark being supicous of Tony and Steve keeping an eye on Bruce. I can see both Tony and Bruce playing up a bit. But as the meal progresses Steve and Clark stat getting into a conversation and forget about the other 2. Possibly moaning about the problems of spoilt arrogant billionaire  Boyfriends.

I have a number of ways this could end, my mind is curently stuck on Clark/Steve flirting - The arkwadnes, the morality,  the patriotic sex!. Sorry where was I? I don't know.

I think I need more caffine ;)

TV Rec: Being Human


I'm not going to go into details because I don't want to spoil people. But the new Vampire show from the BBC is great and for thoses in the uk all the eps are on the iPlayer (<3)

This show is alot better than i was exspecting.

First Memories - The Snow Queen

My first real memories of a love music and fiction come forn the same source. This is before I could read atall. So 2 or 3 ish.

I had a number of Story tapes. There is only one I remeber, The Snow Queen, by Hans Christain Anderson. Vivaldi's Winter played as the intro and ending. For me the 2 are forever entwined in my mind. Both beautiful, at times cold, and some how very pure to me.

If you have a moment with nothing to do I would recomend both.