genclay (genclay) wrote,

Dear Internets,


            Please can I have an epic piece of fiction about any of my choice pairings? I would like a loooonnngg draw out UST filled romance. One that had sex in it, was not automatically fixed by it. Romance that was the focus of the plot, but aloud for other sub plots to move along nicely. Can this fiction have a well thought out, detailed world. Full of individuals who are fascinating and not mere clichés. Can this story have moments of angst, action and adventure? Can this story have elements of humour, heartache and hotness?  Most of all, can this story have a happy ending. Why yes, I am a sap.


            If you could do this for me My darling Internets, I’ll be your BBF and make you cookies.


                        Always yours,


Edit/ Can It have LOTS of snarky banter in aswell. mmmmmm snark.
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